About Me

Welcome to my blog!  I’m an American living in Southampton, England and for the next year I will work towards a master’s in digital marketing.

Why digital marketing?  With the world becoming more and more digital every day, we have to be able to keep up with consumers’ beliefs and values.  I want to learn about what drives consumers to purchase that new handbag online or why they believe the hotel recommendation they read on TripAdvisor.  There is much more to posting on Facebook and tweeting on Twitter that I can’t wait to discover.

I’m an Illinois native, growing up in the northern suburbs of Chicago.  After high school I moved to the hot, dry desert of Tempe, Arizona where I attended Arizona State University.  In 2011 I graduated Cum Laude from the W.P. Carey School of Business with a B.S. Marketing  degree and an International Business Certificate.  During my undergraduate education, I was fortunate to spend a semester in Rome, Italy at the American University of Rome.

After ASU I interned and worked full-time as a Junior Media Buyer/Planner at Moses (http://www.mosesanshell.com/), a local advertising agency in Phoenix, Arizona.  I am truly grateful for the amazing people I worked for and with at Moses for they are the ones who inspired me to go back to school and study digital marketing.

Over the next year, and beyond, I’ll update you about my life, travels, troubles, epiphanies and the amazing world of digital marketing.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, my grandparents (Kathleen and Richard) are also from northern Wisconsin. I’ve been told that every Neshek (so long as it’s spelled that way) are related. I’m doing some research into the family’s Prussian side and was wondering if you had any knowledge on the family. I’m in the process of getting a copy of “East Prussians from Russia” by Anuta.

    • Hi Shauna – are your grandparents Kathy and Dick from outside of Crivitz? If so, they came my my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary a few years ago! My grandparents are James (Jim) and Shirley Neshek and my mom believes your grandfather and mine are first cousins. What kind of research are you doing? We have the book as well and can try to fill in some gaps for you. If there is a better way to communicate with you, please let me know (Email, Facebook, etc.). Thanks!

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