A True Lambeau Field Experience

IMG_2735Isn’t that the most beautiful picture you’ve ever seen?  Well, maybe not EVER, but it sure is pretty.  These are the tickets my brother got me for Christmas to my first Packers game in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Now, I’m from Illinois, so it would be assumed that I’m a Bears fan.  And for a while, when I look back at pictures of myself as a child, my parents dressed me in Bears outfits.  Fortunately, my brother and I spent many summers with our cousin John, a fellow Packers fan, in Wisconsin.  Our Grandma and Grandpa Neshek are from Northern Wisconsin and still have a cottage up there.  We spent many warm summers and cold winters swimming, jet skiing, snowmobiling, eating cheese, drinking beer and and becoming honorary Wisconsinites.  Alas, our love for the Packers grew every time we drove over the Leo Frigo Bridge and saw Lambeau in the distance.

When my brother said he bought tickets for Sunday’s Steelers vs. Packers game, I went and found some essential Packers gear.



We almost didn’t make the 2 1/2 hour drive from Kenosha, WI to Green Bay due to the snow.  Fortunately, the state of Wisconsin did an excellent job of clearing the roads,  making our journey possible.  My sister-in-law was called off work on Sunday and was able to join us too!



We made it to Lambeau field and started the layering process.  It was FREEZING but we made sure to wear long underwear, jeans, shirts, sweatshirts, snow pants, jackets, hats, gloves and scarves.  After grabbing a few drinks, we set out from the car to the main tailgating parking lot.  On the way, we ran into some true Wisconsin people in their orange camouflage and head-to-toe Packers gear.

IMG_2745When we finally made it inside we grabbed a Miller Lite, found our seats and chanted “GO PACK GO” with the 77,999 screaming fans.

IMG_2769IMG_2779While a win would have been great, the experience was still amazing and one I won’t forget.  Definitely one of the best Christmas presents I’ve ever received!




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