Preparing for the Future

When I graduated from Arizona State University, I went to work for Moses.  Though we had Ten Commandments, they unfortunately weren’t written on stone tablets.  Moses Anshell is an Arizona based advertising agency with a national reputation for remarkable work that you can check out at

Halloween 2012I was fortunate to be hired on as a Junior Media Buyer/Planner after only a few short weeks as a Media/Strategy intern. The thing I loved most about working at Moses was how close the team was. I feel I was given more opportunities there than I would have been at a larger agency. Did I know exactly what I was doing during the first few months?  No.  But, I was fortunate to have the support and guidance from some amazing Seniors/Directors/VPs to help make sure I was successful.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a LONG way to go when it comes to learning about media planning and buying.  However, I am confident that the skills I learned at Moses will benefit me in my future and I am eternally grateful to all the people that have helped me so far.

Christmas 2012

With two years of work experience under my belt and (fingers crossed!) a MSc Digital Marketing degree from the University of Southampton, how do I go about finding a job?  What tools are out there to better prepare me for the job market?  After speaking with Neil’s Recruitment (, I’ve learned some key ways on how to make myself stand out from the crowd and prepare for a future in digital marketing.

One of the most essential recruitment tools today is LinkedIn.  This site allows members to create a personal profile highlighting your work experience, educational background, and current skills.  LinkedIn also lets you interact with past employers and co-workers as well as connect with new and potential companies.  Many companies post job listings on LinkedIn thereby making it easy to search for relevant positions.  In my quest for a job after graduation, I need to start using LinkedIn to its fullest potential.  There are many groups specifically for digital media/marketing that I must interact with.  This will benefit me when I am close to graduation and seeking a full-time position.

Blogging is an extremely important tool for marketers. With my personal blog, I am able to create my own digital footprint and give readers an insightful look into my personal, academic, and professional life.  But personal blogging is only the half of it.  Reading and interacting with others through blogs can help foster relationships that would not have been otherwise possible.

Connecting and interacting with companies on LinkedIn and continuing to blog are two activities I plan to use to prepare myself for a digital marketing career.  However I am not limiting myself to these two activities.  There are numerous opportunities out there that I cannot wait to explore and take advantage of that will help with my success.


2 thoughts on “Preparing for the Future

  1. Good advice! I strongly believe that Linkedin is one of the most under-utilized tools for students. I’m glad more people are recognizing this! If I can offer one more tidbit of advice, it’s that networking is also a great way to meet the people who are supplying the jobs, and get your foot in the door. Afterall, between 60-80% of jobs are supplied through personal connections!
    Good luck with the job hunt!!

    • Thank YOU for the advice! I agree – networking and meeting people, especially those in the industry you’re interested in, is extremely important. The right skills mixed with who you know are the keys to a successful job hunt.

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