Forming Friendships

During my master’s programme, I have the opportunity to work on a variety of group projects with people from all over the world.  One of these groups is for my Communications and Media Management course.  Let me introduce you to my group members!

MANG6268 Group

First on the far left is Sunnie. She is from China and plays the Guzheng, which is a Chinese plucked zither.  Next is Natalie who is from Hong Kong.  Natalie likes to play tennis and basketball and is currently studying the art of Kung Fu.  Bonnie is on the far right and is from Taiwan.  She is a member of the University of Southampton Table Tennis Team.  

These are the three lovely ladies who I work with on a variety of in-class and out-of-class projects.  But, we don’t just work on our course work when we’re together.  We’re girls, plain and simple.  Though we come from different backgrounds and countries, we still talk about shoes and boys and everything else in between.  They’re introducing me to Chinese food restaurants and Oolong Tea and I’m helping them with their English (hopefully!).

Though we were put together to work on course projects, we’ve formed a friendship that I  hope last for a long, long time!


5 thoughts on “Forming Friendships

  1. How wonderful Amanda that you are forming such great friendships, I too hope they will develope into life lasting relationships. Take advantage of everything offered to you!!! Love You .

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