Stonehenge and Bath

On 19 October 2013, I explored Stonehenge and Bath with some friends.  Stonehenge was interesting but the real highlight was Bath. This picturesque English town is one to see and I think the video helps depict just that.

But, I think my favourite part of the trip was how international we were as a group.  I had the pleasure of spending the day with two girls from Greece, one from Brazil, one from Lebanon, and a guy from Georgia – the country, not the state.  Yes, I’m here to study digital marketing, but I’m also here to learn about other cultures and hopefully form relationships with people from around the world.

This past weekend was amazing and I can’t wait to visit Bath again in the near future.


One thought on “Stonehenge and Bath

  1. Thank you for the remembrance! I was there as a college student in 1985. I should get back one of these days! Good luck with all your projects this week. I’m very busy with a load of them too. Never fear, the weekend is coming!

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