First UK Baking Experience

Confession time – I love food.  Not surprising since most people do, but I have a unique relationship with food.  Ok, starting to sound weird but let me explain.  I’m a baker – not on a professional level by any means but I like to think I’m alright at it.  Some people do yoga to relieve stress.  Me, I make cookies or brownies or cake or whatever I’m in the mood for.

I was a little nervous to bake here in the UK though.  For starters, there aren’t cups, tablespoons, or teaspoons here.  So, I had to convert my recipes.  Not a big deal, but it takes time.  Anther concern was temperature of my oven.  Celsius doesn’t scare me, but not actually knowing what the temperature is in the oven does.  As you can see, our knobs have been used a few times and setting the temperature is a guessing game.


So, as an experiment, I made brownies today.  Nothing fancy, just simple, chocolaty brownies.  I’ve made this recipe from a few times and have had people scraping the pan for the final scraps.


One modification I had to make was not adding vanilla.  I  checked a few stores here and couldn’t find it anywhere!  I’m still on the hunt for it so if anyone knows where I can find some here in Southampton, please let me know!  Instead of vanilla I added in semi-sweet and milk chocolate to hopefully give it enough sweetness.


There was some trouble with the temperature as predicted but for the most part I think they came out ok!  A little crispy on the edges but the middle is moist and gooey – the way a brownie should be!  Hopefully my housemates enjoy them as much as I do.


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